Does Diet Affect Acne?

It has long been thought that a bad diet can promote oily skin and the development of acne.  If you happen to be in the middle of a skin brightening routine, acne can definitely get in the way and impede the effects.  The basic explanation is that dirt or other elements can block the oil glands and pores which then traps protein and sebum (your skin’s natural oil) under the skin.  Those proteins and oils become food for P. acnes, the bacteria that cause acne.  Diet is one component of the equation that you can control and should be conscious of.

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How Does a Bleaching Cream Work?

The answer is quite simple actually.  Every quality skin bleaching cream has an active ingredient or combination of ingredients that reduces the amount of melanin in the skin where the cream is used.  Some skin lighteners use drugs as their active ingredient like a steroid or retinoic acid, which comes from vitamin A.  Kojic acid and arbutin, a compound found in various plants, are also quite popular and are more gentle on the skin than other active ingredients.  Essentially, these ingredients all help the body to change the topmost dark skin layers to reveal a lighter skin tone underneath.  We always suggest chatting with a dermatologist before purchasing a lightening cream because these products are strong and should be always be used properly.

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The Latest On Hydroquinone

There unfortunately is much in the way of new research on the use of hydroquinone as the active ingredient in a bleaching cream.  The FDA has placed a cap on the percentage of hydroquinone that can legally be used in products sold in the US.  However, it is still possible to obtain international products that have a much higher percentage that the FDA-permitted percentage.  The concerns and warnings about hydroquinone remain the same but the efficacy of this ingredient for skin lightening still makes some people want to take the chance.  The risks of using hydroquinone as a bleaching agent are discussed later in this post.

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Cocoa Butter For Facial Skin?

Cocoa butter is used by millions of people worldwide to care for dry skin.  The thickness of cocoa butter is very comforting to some due to the presence of fatty acids within the cream.  Although not at all effective as a skin lightening cream, cocoa butter has been known to have many benefits when applied to various parts of the skin.  Reducing stretch marks, deep hydration and the high level of antioxidants are all suspected positive effects of using cocoa butter.  But, it the thick, high fat cream good for facial skin?

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Simple Skin Care With Bleaching Creams

skin whitening

bleaching cream image

If you are regularly using a bleaching cream, it is important to prepare your skin for the treatment process.  All bleaching creams consist of one or more powerful bleaching agents and during treatment, the skin is not as strong or resilient as usual.  Therefore, following a handful of very basic, yet very valuable rules will make your experience with a quality skin whitening cream an safe and effective process.

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